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My journey with GOGO Magazine

My journey with GOGO Magazine

When an engaging piece of content is crafted that delivers the general audience, a connection deeper than reading is manifested, making the readers feel they belong to an exclusive escape where they can immerse.

The best magazine isn’t only limited to great content, but the conversational style of writing to express that feels more personal and well heard. Having been a part of GOGO magazine for about 2 years now, I believe it has successfully established a magazine/reader relationship.

Every single feature or story posted on the blog conveys a message very personal to the author. It’s like the magazine has a personality of its own which is a necessary requirement of a successful magazine.

The magazine is very consistent and perseverant with its posting along with the varying concepts for the readers to easily find their favourite sections or columns.

I came to know about the magazine when a friend of mine introduced me to it who was then an author himself, suggested I write for them. After running a vague blog of my own for about three months, I figured I need the practice to phase my writing skills.

GOGO magazine provided a platform where I could put together my thoughts and opinions into one piece of writing. I’ve delivered more than 10 articles to date, each one improving gradually in terms of quality.

The drive to build a strong article that is well-sourced are the readers who are probably looking to your publication for opinion, advance, insight, inspiration or education and after doing it for a while you assume responsibility of cant letting them down. You are motivated to prepare a publication that is challenged intellectually and emotionally.


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