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MrBeast IRL Squid Game Event

MrBeast IRL Squid Game Event

MrBeast recently jumped on the Squid Game bandwagon, announcing his very own real-life Squid Game event. He had uploaded a TikTok video, where he announced that he would recreate Squid Game in real life if the video got 10M likes. The conditions were met shortly after, and MrBeast set to work.

MrBeast asks for help with Squid Game challenges

The American streamer posed a very real question via a tweet regarding his recreation of Squid Game. He said that owing to the popularity of the show, most people would have already watched it. Therefore, everybody participating in the event would already be aware of the challenges and how they could win them, thereby making the games kind of pointless.

Naturally, MrBeast wanted to come up with a bit of a twist to each challenge so that it was not exactly the same as the original show. His community of fans and streamers came to his assistance and came up with some very creative ideas.

For instance, one fan suggested that instead of playing a game of Tug of War, the streamer could opt for a game of Capture the Flag. This would throw off the people who had selected their teams based on strength instead of agility.

Furthermore, another fan suggested that there was no hard and fast rule that MrBeast’s Squid Game had to be exactly the same as the original Netflix series. The streamer can instead come up with his own set of games instead of keeping the same games from the show.

Another fan suggested keeping some elements from the original show so that people think they’re prepared, but changing the games when they play it.

Clearly, one of these ideas must have appealed to MrBeast, since he posted a tweet in the comments section suggesting that he had figured out the kind of challenges he wanted to include.

While nobody knows what challenges MrBeast has planned for this event yet, people can be sure that if the streamer has claimed that it will be “wild,” he will surely live up to his word.

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