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MC Moni is a musician from Jammu and Kashmir. He has raised the levels of JK Hip-Hop. He launched a label called Peace Musick Records and has given platforms for many young artists across India. He also started social awareness programmes across India and has started a 2025 MISSION.

Here is MC Moni in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

Being Uplifted in a Kashmiri Pandit family, atmosphere around me always insisted me to take part in educational activities more than anything else. However, I was a creative kid since childhood. And I was a very mischievous child too  I always wanted to do something new every day, hence tried to organise competitions,  campaigns etc that always failed but gave me priceless experiences . Listening Music of every kind  INFLUENCED me a lot. I was very fond of playing instruments like Guitar, Keyboard, Mouth Organ, Tabla, Congo etc. But when I was introduced to Digital Softwares of music production I could hardly stop myself from jumping into the Production field . I was also influenced by DJing,  Edms, Trance, Psychedelics etc. When I saw that video of Sunburn type festival where I could easily observe lakhs of people jumping all around and feeling the music, that video changed my perception regarding music.

Hence,  I started making compilation videos on mobile software for YouTube channel and collected music samples from free applications. With time, shifted to Fruity Loops Studio for better music quality.

So, my journey actually started from 8th standard when dad gifted Guitar on my birthday. However, when I was pursuing graduation from Gurugram, I started writing. I still remember when I recorded my first sample of PMR’S most awaited project i.e. still unreleased • AKELE AKELE •, my college mates couldn’t believe that it was me. Because I was not so revealing in front of them and basically it was a surprise for them.

Then I started gaining motivation from Local artists and started writing without Hindrances. In starting months I couldn’t write that much good but I never stopped. With time started exploring Indian underground hip hop and soon realised that there is a large number of deserving artists across the nation who are not getting healthy platforms to come up with things that they have experienced.

Hence, initiated PMR for Providing platforms and stages to the deserving artists allover India .

2) Which was your first song?

My first official song was • PEHLA GEET • that was recorded in 2018 

3) Which has been your most memorable performance?

My most memorable performance was when I performed freestyle rapping for a handicapped kid in DELHI METRO. And believe me, when you do something positive, you try to do it more and more to bring smiles on those faces and I felt that I felt the worth of life of making that girl smile. When I entered the metro, I saw this beautiful girl with two braids sitting on a wheelchair And she started smiling when my crew was entertaining the passengers. Converting her cute smile into loud cheers is my biggest achievement till date.

4) How do you manage investment for your music productions?

In my earlier stages, I always faced a lot of troubles while arranging my track’s budget. As I was involved more in social activities, it became more difficult for me to satisfy my financial needs. Most of my projects were dropped because of the financial crisis. Even my parents could lend me only 20-30% of the total budget. However, I didn’t like taking money from my parents anymore as I crossed 22. My friends always helped me to reach my financial needs for audio production. I didn’t like it either hence hadn’t opted for official video because the official video’s budget was almost 10 times than of audio production. Under PMR, I never uploaded an official video however, TANS ENTERTAINMENT and Prince Gupta helped me to release my first official video.

5) Who has been your inspiration?

About inspirations, I took it from every artist I came across ( Underground/commercial ). It’s obvious that Tupac’s and Eminem’s vibes inspire us all if we talk about Rap Music. Similarly, every fellow artist inspired me a lot when I started stepping into Underground HipHop.

An incident that changed my life happened on 6th October , 2018 which gifted me bed rest for more than 9 months and some permanent injuries . I could only hear through one ear for  2 years . Even now , my left ear only contributes 20 percent in listening. However , I lost my 2 friends in the same incident which was the biggest shock for me. In my recovery time , while I was on bed rest  , being suspended from my degree college for a year depressed me further more. I had written 7-8 demo hiphop tracks  before this incident . Having nothing to do , I even couldn’t write when I was on bed rest hence I started exploring Indian HipHop Scenarios with a different aspect . I’ve listened many artists , I even keep listening different jhonours of music I barely remember any name. I was inspired from everyone .

After listening and exploring our Indian artists thoroughly , I opened my dairies back and started writing again . With time , I started organising donation EVENTS across NCR and Jammu Region under my social initiatiave AAY HO TOH KUCH KAR K JAO. As I had explored HipHop Scenarios of India and was also running AAY HO TOH KUCH KAR K JAO , so an idea which could help several local artists across Nation to come up with things they have experienced , came in my mind and with an aim of spreading social awareness using our artforms to grab local crowd’s attention, PMR was born in August , 2018 .

6) Tell us about Jammu hip hop culture.

After initiating PMR, I started researching about deserving HIP-HOP ARTISTS in my town So that we could meet, jam and collaborate for JK HIOHOP SEASON 1 ( A HipHop season meant to boost the local art scene of J&k ). Soon, I got in touch with some nearby living artists through social media. Hence I called them up for jamming sessions at my home ( Now known as PMR Headquarters ) . Selected best of them for my team of Jk HipHop and we started researching more deeply. Found more than 10 rappers, beatboxers and producers contacted them all, some were not interested, some showed Positive Response. We started recording tracks and prepared 10 demo episodes for our season. Then I went back to Delhi for completing my graduation that had been extended for a year. Somehow, that teamwork was no longer in motion and hence misunderstandings started happening between the team members resulting in failure of the season. Between this time, PMR had already Organised historical cyphers in Jk’s History and had introduced healthy FREESTYLE Rapping, Freestyle Battles, Donation HipHop events etc to Jammu Hip-hop.

Later on, several initiatives started continuing the vibes in Jammu like Real JKHIPHOP, Crew Satwari, Urban Melodies, BBI etc. Huge SHOUTOUT to every Hip-hop artist From Jammu And Kashmir. There are many deserving artists in Jammu and Kashmir also who never got a chance to showcase their talent and few REPRESENTED J&K on National Television like Ahmer, Mc Kash, Parry G, Mad skull, Police Wala  Rapper etc.  Jammu HipHop has a lot of varieties as we speak more than 5 languages in Only Jammu Region. However, after solving all the misunderstandings, we have again started releasing the tracks recorded in 2018 ( under JK HIP-HOP ), NOW under JAMMU WALA FLAVOUR ( Historical HipHop Season in Jk’s History ). You all will get a chance to witness more than 50 deserving rappers from Jammu City in JAMMU WALA FLAVOUR SEASON 1 sponsored by PMR.

7) Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

So for the next 10 years, we have scheduled two missions.
A. Mission2025
B. Mission 2030

Under Misiion 2025 , we will be covering every corner of our country to spread awareness and consciousness among common people regarding the top highlighted social issues of our country .

Our aim is to support local NGOs of every area by ORGANISING fund raising events for the same to recognise their work towards society. Also, we will be bringing out the best deserving underground artists across the nation including every possible art form.
India Tour will start on FIRST JAN 2021 and will end on 31st December , 2024. Under these 5 years, more than 1400+ cities will be covered to organise social awareness programmes and HipHop Events .

For details regarding mission 2030 , stay connected with our INSTAGRAM handle.

Details will be out Soon :

So after 10 years , I see myself doing something big for the fellow upcoming artists and local NGOs .

8) Tell us about your latest track.

Dj X- Tacy, one of my elder brother’s friend who runs an Artist Management Company in Pune called me one night. After a long time, I heard some positive feedback for whatever I was trying to attain under PMR. So, he said Prince Bhai is having something for you if you are interested let me know.

This was an opportunity for me to release my first official video. And hence I said yes and contacted Prince Gupta. Tans Entertainment ( An Australian Music Company ) was launching its Music Label in India and were looking for deserving talent. In a day or two, things were made clear to me that I had to take care of the audio part and they will be doing Video part and launching it on their official YouTube Channel. They were looking for some party vibes during this lockdown condition. I contacted Hrithik for Music who had always been a backbone for PMR. We prepared a sample overnight recorded it and shared with team Prince. I wasn’t satisfied for the first 3 samples hence kept improvising until I left for Gujarat. However, Label took well care of my expenses like travelling and hotel.

Reaching Gujarat was also a different experience. This was the first time I was shooting my Official Video. Meeting team Prince,  I could hardly forget any moment. I was motivated by the team members like 25 of them working on a single shot made me realise how hard is it for an artist to shoot healthy videos.

Huge SHOUTOUT to everyone who was involved in



9) Which is your most preferred genre?

I usually Support every art form and hence am not limited to any particular genre. We at PMR focus not at keeping our team members in Brackets and hence are not limited to any genre/Scenario. Indian Classical Music is my preferred Genre since childhood.

10) How was life in quarantine?

Life in Lockdown was learning. 

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