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MARSEILLE – @jumpintothemap

MARSEILLE – @jumpintothemap

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Marseille is the second most populated city of France, the greatest Mediterranean port and the financial focus of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur area. Grit and grandeur exist together flawlessly in Marseille, an abundantly multicultural port city with a pedigree extending back to old-style Greece and a reasonable case to the mantle of France’s subsequent city. Once observed as fairly filthy and risky, and coming up short on the excitement of Cannes or St-Tropez, this odd one out of the Provençal coastline has bloomed in social certainty since its 2013 stretch as the European Capital of Culture. The expansion of the support of stylish new exhibition halls is only the outward indication of idealism and self-conviction that is practically obvious.


Marseilles is a city that just truly opened up to the travel industry at the finish of the twentieth century. Marseille is the “oldest city in France” and for sure one of the most established in western Europe. The city was founded as Massalia in around 600 BC, and before long formed into a significant part of the antiquated Greek world. For the Greeks, and later for the Romans, it was a significant purpose of change and exchange between the civilizations of the Mediterranean, and those of Gaul and northwest Europe. And that, essentially, has been Marseilles’ role ever since. Situated close to the mouth of the Rhone – the best common hall between the Mediterranean and the grounds toward the north, it has for some time been one of the most significant, when not the most significant, a port in France – a role that clarifies its significance and its size, as France’s third-biggest urban region, right up ’til today.


The tourism mecca of Marseilles, the Old Port, the primary port of Marseilles for more than 2,000 years, is currently an enormous marina, flanked on three sides by eateries bistros, and shops. At the inward finish of the bowl is the delight voyage terminal, from which guests can take vessel trips around the port, out to the Island of If, or along the coast to Cassis. For guests remaining over a day in Marseilles, a pontoon trip is an unquestionable requirement, to encounter the perspectives on Marseille from the ocean, and the dramatic coastline toward the southeast.


For a day-trip or a weekend break or short stay, Marseilles is an ideal destination, especially during those times of the year when it tends to be bathed in Mediterranean sunshine while much of France further north is still struggling with spring or dampened by autumn mists and showers.

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