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Malavika Hegde – A Heartbroken Wife To a CEO Who is Saving CCD From Dying

Malavika Hegde – A Heartbroken Wife To a CEO Who is Saving CCD From Dying

Be it the end of the week, hangouts with companions, the primary date, or treating your family with your first check, Cafe Coffee Day was the mecca where a couple of hours transformed into recollections that should not be underestimated. Be that as it may, when the insight about V G Siddhartha, author of CCD, India’s biggest café chain, biting the dust by suicide in July 2019 surfaced it stunned everybody in the country. He passed on in the wake of hopping into the Netravati stream close to Mangalore. His body was found on the riverbank following a 36-hour search.

At the point when Siddhartha was en route to Sakleshpur in his vehicle, he advised his driver to stop the vehicle on the extension and advised him to hang tight for him toward the finish of the scaffold until he had come. Following an hour when he didn’t appear, the driver called him however his telephone was turned off then he called his senior child and informed him that his dad is absent and afterwards began the search operation.

Subsequent to seeing the espresso culture all over the planet, Siddhartha, who hailed from Karnataka, wanted to open a coffee house and opened the primary bistro in 1996 at Brigade Road in Bangalore. After a lot of the challenges, the coffee house began.

Neglecting to make the right profitable business model

It was suspected from his last letter that he had ended it all because of a debt crisis and loss of business. A typewritten note was delivered by ANI. In the note, Siddhartha appeared to be saying ‘sorry'” for “failing to create the right profitable business mode.” He said that strain from private value accomplices and different banks, and badgering from the personal expense division had become deplorable. But Siddhartha wrote in his note: “My expectation was never to cheat or deceive anyone, I have failed as an entrepreneur.”

Malavika Hegde took over as CEO of CDEL

Many ideas that the Coffee Day organization would not get by after Siddhartha’s passing and questions proliferated regarding who might keep on pursuing the organization him. Individuals accepted the organization couldn’t recuperate due to the aggregated obligation. In any case, Malavika Hegde, spouse of V G Siddhartha, has broken all the doubt and accomplished achievement by saving CCD from vanishing regardless of being a solitary lady and mother of two children.

In December 2020, Malavika took over as CEO of Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd (CDEL). From that day on she turned out energetically for the development of the organization. In 2019, Coffee Day had an obligation of over Rs 7,000 crore. This was an enormous weight for Malavika who was in misery subsequent to losing her better half. However, she won’t ever surrender.

Malavika’s open letter to employee’s

Malavika, the little girl of daughter former Karnataka Chief Minister SM Krishna, was brought into the world in 1969 in Bengaluru where she finished her schooling and finished her designing at Bengaluru University. She tied knots with VG Siddhartha in 1991 and has two children, Eshaan and Amartya. Prior to turning into the CEO of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), Malavika prior served as a non-board member from CDEL for a long time.

According to Times of India: In a letter to the company’s 25,000 employees in 2020 before taking over as CEO of the company, Hegde wrote that she was committed to the future of the company and assured that the Coffee Day story was “worth preserving”. Her letter came hours after a probe revealed that a private entity owned by late founder Siddhartha owed Rs 2,693 crore to the listed entity, Coffee Day Enterprises Limited (CDEL). “We will work to reduce the debt to a manageable level by selling a few more investments as I am committed to the company’s future,” she wrote.

The miraculous recovery of CCD under the leadership of Malavika Hegde

After Siddhartha’s death by suicide, Malavika Hegde managed to reduce his debt even during the COVID lockdown. She had earlier said that the challenges increased but “somewhere along the way in the last 12 months, my mission has been to uphold the proud legacy of Siddhartha. He has left me a job to do, to settle every lender to the best of my ability, to grow the business and to enthuse and foster our employees.”

CDEL had a debt of Rs 7,000 crore as of March 31, 2019. But as per CDEL’s statement in August last year, the management was working hard to get the firm back on track after “substantial” debt reductions. It had mentioned in its annual report that its net debt was Rs 1,731 crore as of March 31, 2021. The report read, “The total loan funds stood at Rs 1,779 crore which comprises long-term  borrowings of Rs 1,263 crore and short-term borrowings of Rs 516 crore.” The band brought down the debt to Rs 3,100 crore as of March 31, 2020, from Rs 7,200 crore in March 2019, without a single rupee haircut from lenders. As a result of Malavika’s initiative, Coffee Day’s debt burden was reduced to Rs 1,731 crore by 2021. This is a great achievement. Malavika’s goal is to make CCD a multi-billion dollar company without the debt burden. Following in the footsteps of her late husband, Malavika’s dream has become to move coffee day shops to every corner of the country. 

Since COVID-19 hit the world many businesses have been shut. But Cafe Coffee Day managed to grow even during the pandemic. All this has been possible because of the new CEO, Malavika of CCD who maintains the brand’s value and build relations with many new investors to infuse capital into their business and is able to convince the investors that the brand of CCD was worth preserving. Various measures were implemented taking into consideration the COVID safety protocols across the entire chain of cafes. This helped to bring the customers, who have always found a place for CCD in their hearts, back to the cafes.

When many business tycoons are fleeing to foreign countries she decided to manage the firm and ensured to rebuild. Salute to her courage and determination. Currently, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) owns 572 cafes across the country, along with 333 CCD Value Express kiosks. It is a huge business with over 36,000 vending machines serving coffee to CCD customers.

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), contributed 47 per cent of the consolidated net revenue. Logistics business accounted for 45 per cent of revenue, while the remaining 8 per cent was from logistics.


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