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I am Varsha Patil. I am a full-time artist based in Mumbai. From childhood, I was interested in drawing and creative stuff.. bcoz of my engineering I don’t have much time to focus on art… After completing my graduation in 2017 I got back to painting & it was then I realized that painting is what makes me happy and this is what I wanted to do.

Most of my artworks are inspired by nature & wildlife. It’s a depiction of natural scenery in the form of art. I try to capture the natural elements like mountains, valleys, water bodies, trees, etc in my work. While working on wildlife subjects I try to depict their emotions and bring life in them. Mostly I do photo-realistic works. I love to bring  emotions by adding minutes details in my artworks
My work is what makes me happy. It’s the way of expressing myself. If one person is inspired by my work it feels great and keeps me motivated to create more. 
It’s just like a child to me. . we put our heart and soul into every piece we work on.  I feel like, every piece has a part of me in it.

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