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KHAYAAL – a non-governmental organisation

KHAYAAL – a non-governmental organisation

The pandemic of 2020 was disheartening, and as the youth, we had to take an initiative. What started as a mere step of helping others became an NGO named “Khayaal”. Khayaal is a project under Bhaarat Gramudyog Vikaas Samiti which has many successful projects under the central government of India. We are a family of 32 members & counting & these are some of our campaigns:


Here, we fed 350+ strays keeping the lockdown restrictions in mind. The little wiggle of their tails left a paw print in our hearts.


The second wave of lockdown was tormenting. Hence, we successfully saved 42 lives by providing beds, medicines, blood, plasma to the people who needed them.


Our education is key to growth. We used social media to scout for volunteers through which we were able to educate more than 50 children. Men’s mental health is an overlooked issue we spoke about. It is high time we break the taboo around it. Let’s ask our dear men if they are okay! Our Instagram helped us a great deal. We aim for a groundwork when the lockdown eases, till then we will do our best to spread awareness.

Here is Team Khayaal in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did the NGO start and why?

A)During the pandemic of 2020, we only saw adversity around us. Each day, the news reports were daunting. As the youth, we felt the urge to make some difference on our end. This simple thought of creating betterment led to this organization. Youth is the driving force of our society and has the power to change the world, and it is our responsibility to think for our surroundings because it is a part of us. With that thought in mind, we started this organization.

2) What is the main motive and aim for the future?

A)Education plays an integral part in shaping the minds of our future generation. It can truly bring out the best results in people. We don’t want any potential to go to waste. Every nook and corner of our country has at least one child wanting to learn and make a difference. We live in a society with social and environmental issues. Creating a dialogue about it is the first step towards creating a change. Our main motive is to educate children with no access to formal education and spread about the prevailing issues in our society!

3) What are your fundraising sources?

A)We are a sister concern of Bharat Gramudhyog Vikas Samiti (BGVS), a non-profit organization established in 1987. This organization operates in Uttar Pradesh and has partnered with numerous government bodies, schools, and NGOs throughout India. We get our financial support from the same. Along with our mother organization, we want to create awareness and do everything within our capacity to make a positive change.

4) Who are the main people involved in uplifting and managing the NGO?

A)We have a team of 32 very purposeful and committed members. Along with that, we have a set of enthusiastic interns. Our Founder is Sharmishtha Singh, followed by our co-founder, Rohan Pariakar. Our organization also consists of selfless individuals who regularly volunteer for our educational campaign. For organized working, we have the following teams that contain team members, interns, and team leaders who ensure a maximized delivery.

● PR and Strategy Team

● Content Team

● Design Team

● HR Team

● IT Team

5) How far have you reached towards your goal?

A)Everyone starts somewhere, so did we, starting with educating two children. Our motive of providing education to children with no access could only turn into reality when we took a stance. “Every student matters” this thought has resulted in us teaching over 50+ dedicated and enthusiastic students who are willing to learn. We have used social media as an effective tool to raise awareness about the prevalent issues of our society and have run many campaigns to make a difference.


INSTAGRAM: @teamkhayaal

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