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Keshuv is a singer, music producer, and film composer. He has worked with the team of Girliyapa on youtube and has also been a part of Netflix India.

Here is Keshuv in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

Very much the day I was born because my mother was a music teacher at a school and her father was also a devotional musician at the time. So essentially having been born with that sort of DNA ingrained within me, I was put into music education at around 5-6 years of age.

2)Tell us more about the experience of expressing your thoughts and feelings through music.

Most of my work is based on personal experiences from real life when I am at the helm as a singer-songwriter. Music, I feel, is a God-gifted sense, which everyone doesn’t have. So if I’m one of those whom the almighty blessed with this beautiful art form, I try to be as honest and as expressive as possible with my original music and refrain from covering other people’s songs.
The process of working on your thoughts and ideas and seeing them all come to life is such an exhilarating experience that I believe gives every musician a high.

3) Which has been your first track?

My first officially released track was a song I composed, arranged, and produced for my debut feature film Life Of An Outcast which is streaming on Netflix. The song is called Amma Mori which is sung by Kalpana Patowary and written by Pawan Shrivastava who is also the director of the film.

4) Who has been your inspiration?

Since I am an alumnus of KM Music Conservatory, AR Rahman sir will always be on that list of artists whose work inspired me. I spent 6 years in Chennai where I also discovered Santhosh Narayanan’s work which also helped me shape up as a musician big time. Apart from that, Hans Zimmer and Alexandre Desplat are the other two composers who have been a huge part of my growing-up years. And when it comes to Singer-Songwriters, Ali Zafar is the biggest inspiration for me from across the border.

5) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I understood very early on in my career that it never makes sense to have such long-term plans in this field because nothing really ever pans out as per the plans. Life will keep surprising you and you cannot even predict the next 6 months, let alone 5 years. as we are in a social media era where something getting viral can change lives overnight. So I just take each day and each project and each song as it comes. It’s easy once you program your mind to think that this is all a part of the bigger picture and you’re getting one step closer in the right direction.

6)How would you describe your music?

Instinctive in one word. As I said, most of my work, especially the independent work I do for myself, is based on my own personal experiences. It’s also relatable to be honest because I keep things simple rather than complicating stuff just to sound fancier. I am pretty sure that a lot of people relate to my music because these are basic human emotions, you know everyone is a romantic at heart, everyone goes through heartbreak, everyone has a philosophy about life, etc. So the audience always finds something in my music to relate to, be it some line that just sticks with them like Dil Ki Suno or Yaar Aaya Hai or some melody that they hum effortlessly like Palkein or Yaadon or Hanstey Hanstey.

7) Which has been your most memorable song or project?

I did the title track of a TVF Girliyapa Web Series called Dil Ki Suno in 2020 which many people think is one of my finest pieces of work to date.

8)What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Well, I still think of myself as an aspiring artist too but based on the little bit of experience I have had so far, the one thing that has helped me is never let the word “struggle” come to your mind. I think of this as a process that everyone has to go through. And everyone’s journey is different, some are longer, some are shorter, each with their own fair share of bumps on the way. At the end of the day what matters the most is that grind and how you get through it and that really shapes you up like a human which then reflects in the artist you end up becoming.

9)Share some of your achievements with the magazine.

I recently entered a contract with Wynk Music so all my audio tracks will be exclusively released by them now that I am their signed artist.
My debut feature film as a composer, LIFE OF AN OUTCAST, premiered at MAMI 2018 and is now streaming on Netflix.
My debut web series, DIL KI SUNO, with TVF Girliyapa, for which I composed, produced, and sang the title track.
My second film, THE RELUCTANT CRIME, has been doing the rounds in the international film festivals for the better part of the last 2 years now which hopefully should be out soon.

10) How’s life after the covid-19 pandemic?

Very productive to be honest. More productive than the pre-pandemic life because it made us realize how fragile and short this life can be, what we saw all around the world. We are lucky to be still alive today and if you can find a silver lining from the whole pandemic situation, it’s the very fact that people got to introspect, people got used to the solitude which I think would never have happened had our lives not been interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic. It helped me understand the meaning of life much more closely as I also lost a couple of loved ones around me in the last 2 years. I am even working on a song that looks back at the aftermath of the pandemic.


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