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HAMPI – @manavvmehtaa

HAMPI – @manavvmehtaa

 ” Once you’ve been to this abode of bygone ruins, it fascination lingers inside you forever.”

Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site in India located near Hospet town in the Karnataka state of India. Its magnificent ruins dot an unearthly landscape that has captivated travelers for centuries.

The ruins belong to the erstwhile medieval Hindu kingdom of Vijaynagar and its architecture reflects the splendor of the empire. The temples of Hampi, its monolithic sculptures and monuments attract people because of their excellent workmanship.

Situated in the shadowed depth of hills and valleys, this place is a historical delight. It is surrounded by 500 ancient monuments, beautiful temples, bustling street markets, bastions, treasury building, and captivating remains of the Vijaynagar Empire.

Hampi is an open museum with a lot of locations to explore. It is a favorite way to see the city from the perspective of its history.

Hampi was the capital of Vijaynagar Empire around 1500 AD, and by some accounts, the second-largest city in the world at that time. Over the next centuries it fell out of importance, and now you can explore the ruins of structures spread out over the vast area.

It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 and many efforts have been taken to restore the glory of the place- very limited modern establishments are allowed in the main area, which gives an authentic feel to the ruins.

The 15th-century Virupaksha Temple is located in the Hampi Bazaar. It is one of the oldest monuments of the town. The top of the temple rises about 50m from the ground and the main shrine is dedicated to Virupaksha, a form of Lord Shiva.

Another tourist spot in Hampi is the royal center which is around 2km from the Bazaar. There are a number of attractions, within the walled area of the royal center such as The Lotus Mahal, The Elephant Quarter, The Queen’s Bath, and the underground Virupaksha Temple.


Most of the visitors to Hampi arrive at the well-connected Hospet junction railway station, located about 13km from Hampi. Hospet town also has a bus station with long-distance and interstate connections. Roads to Hampi are in great shape. Driving all the way to Hampi from the neighboring cities is not a bad idea either.

Hampi is a dramatic place full of historic background and mythical backdrop which makes this place worth a visit. It is a backpackers delight city that offers overwhelming history. You will enjoy everything you see at Hampi.

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