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Change is the law of nature. But every change is driven by some pain. Over the years, I’ve found myself in this position multiple times. The habits I adopted as a result may seem like small improvements, with insignificant daily returns. But because I understand the pain I’d be in without them, these habits have changed my life. They might just change yours, too.

Set three or four daily priorities

This is one of the best productivity strategies there is. Focus is what leads to results. It’s the thing that will bring you closer to achieving your short- and long-term goals. But how do you focus when your days are filled with endless distractions? By limiting your options. Each morning, be clear with yourself about what you want to achieve. Then commit to completing three or four small, but essential, tasks — anything beyond is a bonus.

Read for an hour a day

I get it, you’re too busy to read. Or maybe you don’t like to read. Well, you’re not getting off that easily. Reading turns you into a better thinker and writer. If you do it every day, you’ll eventually stop hating it, and one day you’ll even love it.

Do regular full-body workouts

Strength training has several benefits. It protects your bones, increases your muscle mass, keeps you lean, boosts your energy levels, and prevents injuries. I’ve been lifting weights since I was 16. I started with split routines, meaning I would work different muscles during every session. It turns out that muscles need more stress to become stronger. Ideally, you want to train all your muscles, three times a week. Full-body workouts are simple, practical, and they work.

Write for 30 minutes a day

I need to get my thoughts in order every day, and I do that by writing. It helps me to focus on what matters in my life. Even when I’m not writing articles, I sit down and journal — for myself and no one else. It has been an excellent tool in helping me become a better thinker and person.

Take a time out

It’s so easy to stay connected these days. Smartphones mean we are never more than a few taps away from sending an email or comparing some numbers. But everyone needs a break. If you are constantly trying to stay in touch with work and never take some time for yourself, you may find yourself burnt out.

Focus on one goal

Just as focusing on one task at a time is more effective, and focusing on one habit at a time is more effect, so is focusing on one goal at a time. While it might seem very difficult, focusing on one goal at a time is the most powerful way of achieving your goals. When you try to take on many goals at once, you’re spreading thin your focus and energy — the two critical components for achieving a goal.


People who’ve been hearing me harp on about exercise might roll their eyes. Sure, exercise is healthy and all that, but how exactly is it life changing? I’m glad you asked:

It makes you feel better about yourself, and more confident. That leads to better success with other positive changes.

It reinforces the positive thinking habit — you need to think positive in order to sustain exercise.

It relieves stress and gives you time to think — this leads to better mental well-being in your life overall.

It helps with creativity. Don’t ask me to prove it, except to say that my best ideas and brainstorming sessions come from when I exercise.

Eat a healthy diet

Our brains need the right food to perform at their peak.  Don’t go to school or work on an empty stomach.  Students need to train themselves early to eat a balanced and healthy diet.  We tend to carry the habits we learn when we are young forward with us for most of our lives.  Learning to eat right now can avoid many health issues down the road.

Manage money wisely

Why don’t they teach a good personal finance class in school?  Students need to learn to earn, save, budget, track, and wisely spend money to be successful in life.  Good money habits can never start too early.  There are a lot of good resources out there to help.  I recommend taking a look at what Dave Ramsey has to offer for various ages.  Of course, you can also find a lot of fantastic money tips reading blogs!

Live the Golden Rule

“Do unto others…” is a guideline we should all follow.  Think of the conflict and tragedy that could have been avoided if people simply applied the Golden Rule in all their relationships.  If we make this a habit, then we will find a lot more success in life.  Respecting people of all races and beliefs is a hallmark of living life to the fullest.

Practice good hygiene

You really can dress for success!  Habits like brushing your teeth twice a day and washing your hands regularly not only contribute to health, but also lead to routines that give one a sharper appearance.  First impressions are powerful and are mostly derived from the way a person looks.  Like it or not this is true.  Start today to ensure you do what it takes to leave a lasting good impression.

Be a regular reader

Being a good reader is a skill that often separates the good students from those that struggle.  Becoming a good reader takes practice.  The more you read and are read to, the better you get.  Reading has numerous benefits.  It builds one’s vocabulary, expands the imagination, and rekindles creativity.  Make reading a routine!

Be punctual

Arriving on time is important to one’s success.  People always notice when you are late.  It is an indicator of whether you mean what you say and can be trusted.  Do not introduce doubt about this into people’s minds by showing up later than expected.  Create the habit of being punctual now and you won’t have to worry.

Get on a good schedule

We need structure and routine in our lives.  Our bodies expect it.  They perform best when we operate on a regular schedule.  We especially need to eat and sleep about the same time each day.  If you are the parent of a young child, it is your job to teach this habit early.  This routine stays with a person their whole life and helps them to develop good work habits.  Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it!

Eat a healthy diet

Our brains need the right food to perform at their peak.  Don’t go to school or work on an empty stomach.  Students need to train themselves early to eat a balanced and healthy diet.  We tend to carry the habits we learn when we are young forward with us for most of our lives.  Learning to eat right now can avoid many health issues down the road.

Practice gratitude

It is so easy to get in the bad habit of envying what others have.  The grass often seems greener on the other side of the fence.  It is vitally important to learn gratitude.  Practice thinking about the things you have to be thankful about.  I do this with my daughter each evening when I put her to bed.  I ask her to recall the good things that happened that day.  We then take a few minutes and give thanks for those things.  This helps us both to train ourselves to be grateful.

Develop good study habits

Studying effectively is a skill.  People that live life to the fullest are lifelong learners.  They never stop trying new things.  One needs to study and gather new knowledge in an effective and efficient manner.  Learning how to study and acquire the knowledge to succeed doesn’t just occur naturally.  It needs to be taught.  Take a study skills course or ask others for tips on improving your study habits.

Never give up!

I remember being told in school that, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”  I think this is a Vince Lombardi quote and it is certainly true.  It takes perseverance in life to enjoy any kind of success.  I also remember hearing, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  These sayings come back to me time and again when I feel like giving up.  Perseverance is a habit.  It is one that can be developed just like any other.

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