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“Words of comfort for when you’re missing a furry companion”

Humans have been petting dogs roughly since 13,000 to 30,000 years ago. Can’t say the closest human would be by your side forever, but I can put my bets on a dog. Where do I even start. Writing this feels like I can pen a whole other article, though condensing my fondness for a dog into a handful of words don’t suffice. Whether it’s them following you around for food, or barking nonstop at you for walks, they are the best creation of the animal kingdom.

In today’s world I would trust a dog more than a human. Three dogs would save you money for any  hi-tech security system, as they are excellent at protecting the territory.

Dogs have great long term memory. They won’t ever forget the connection you’ve made with them. They even mimic human emotion. When you’re sad, it’s unbelievable how they read the situation and try to hype you up, it’s the cutest thing ever.

In honour of dogs, let’s discuss and talk more good things about them.


Beagles are dumb and cute. They are known for their excellent sense of smell. America’s all-time favourite, Beagle’s are really friendly and loves to hang around people and other dogs. They love to explore outdoors. They have long droopy ears, big brown eyes and have a very gentle nature.


Golden retrievers are a fascinating looking dog breed. They are smart, extremely friendly, and their intelligence makes them highly capable working dogs. They are great family pets and is one of the most popular dog breeds. They were originally used as hunting dogs because of their athletic and strong built. But it doesn’t take much to get connected to a golden, if you’re thinking about getting a new furry family member, you might consider this one.


These fluff balls are the cutest ever. They are very gentle and friendly. Maltese is a toy dog with white long silk like fur over the whole body. They are well mannered and affectionate. It is very playful and overall a great family dog.


Smiley face alert! It’s tiny body and extrovert nature identifies it as one of the cutest dog breeds. Sometimes they bark a lot because of the natural watchdog abilities. It is really smart and spirited, making it a really fun breed to pet.

5) PUG

Wide eyes and short nose, pugs are the lazy grandfathers of dogs. Their funny and playful tendencies are sure to rock your household. They are very loving and easygoing dogs.  Affectionate and playful, they are easy to get along with, you might consider bring one home.

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