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February sunrise – @sujit.sudhi

February sunrise – @sujit.sudhi

Q. What does your artwork represent?

Painting to me is the satisfying process of transforming an empty surface into a vivid representation of the world around me. It’s very often an overflow of emotions catalyzed by my life experiences.  It is catharsis, and nothing has ever come close. My art has allowed me to embark on an endless journey of self-actualization.
I never try to paint what I see because I want to paint what I feel.  Sometimes a painting takes shape because I let my thoughts wander and I try to depict the emotions that a scene creates within me. At other times, I let myself stroll down memory lane to paint scenes that fade in and out. Like most artists, I find a lot of joy in doing quick sketches. Often the spontaneity of a quick and careless sketch is more enjoyable than a carefully planned finished painting. Art or life, the pleasure is manyfold when one’s carefree!

Q. What inspires you?

Light, shade, shapes, colour, tone – just about anything I see! I find a lot of joy in painting landscapes. My attempt has always been to paint my interpretation of the myriad hues of mother nature and I don’t think I will ever grow tired of rendering her beauty with my brushes. Landscapes are the ultimate challenge for an artist. One needs to convey distance, depth, atmosphere, and mood on a flat surface and yet not overwork the painting.  This can be the toughest of jobs at times and the challenge that it throws is what drives me to paint landscapes over and over again.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

I believe that what flows through a painting is the artist’s blood. My art is as important to me as the air I breathe and I wouldn’t be able to survive without it.  On some days I paint because I feel the urge to and on others I paint because I seem to know a little bit about painting. Regardless of the trigger, I still have to paint. It’s so much a part of my routine that I find it very difficult to get through a day without painting.  

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