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Farmers talks with government and what we should expect now?

Farmers talks with government and what we should expect now?

The talks of farmers, the third this week and fifth overall, went on for more than four hours and still, it has no result at all after the talk Union agriculture minister Narendra Tomar said I appeal to all of you to kindly ask senior citizens and children, at the protest site, to go home, in response farmers answer was take the law back we will.

The Modi government has told the farmer leaders that the two sides can meet again on 9 December for another round of talks over the farm laws. The Central Government had asked for some more time to present a concrete proposal to which the farmers’ leaders have agreed, “Govt will prepare a draft and give us. They said that they’ll consult the states too. Discussions were held on MSP too but we said that we should also take up laws & talk about their rollback. Bharat Bandh (on 8th Dec) will go on as announced,” said Rakesh Tikait, Bharatiya Kisan Union.

During Saturday’s meeting with the Centre, which went on for more than four hours, farmers’ leaders have expressed a sense of exasperation over the union leaders’ refusal to accept their demands. The farmers’ leaders have informed the Union Government that they are not interested in discussing side issues. “Central Government has said that they will send us a proposal on December 9th. We will discuss it amongst ourselves after which a meeting with them will be held that day,” news agency ANI quoted a farmer leaders as saying.

Buta Singh, a farmer leader, has said that protestors will not settle for anything less than withdrawal of farm laws. The farmers reportedly threatened to walk out of today’s meeting what they have now called “meaningless” talks. At the meeting with the govt, farmers’ leaders said, “We have material with us to last a year. We’ve been on road for the past several days. If the govt wants us to stay on road, we’ve no problem.”

“We do not want corporate farming. The government will benefit from this law, not the farmer,” they added. The farmers’ unions stuck to their demand that the Centre must rollback the three ‘controversial’ farm laws and have given a call for ‘Bharat Bandh’ on 8 December. The farmers have also threatened to intensify their protest and block more roads leading to the national capital if the government refuses to accept their demands. The government might consider amending the farm laws that have triggered the biggest farmers’ agitation, with thousands camped around the national capital for almost 10 days.

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