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I am an autodidact painter living in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam.

I have been drawing and painting ever since I was a small child. I have never followed art school, all are self-taught.

In 2009 I also started painting digitally with a mouse and MS Paint. The apps really developed immensely and I love how we are now able to paint on an iPad whilst laying on the couch! In 2019 I started painting food items (digitally) in order to play with colour and composition. 

The love for this led to launching a weekly #Foodpaintchallenge on Instagram, inviting fellow artists to paint the same food subject. It is a great success and such a joy to see hundreds of people join the challenge on a weekly basis! 

Nowadays I still enjoy painting digitally as it is a great way to explore the options before putting your brush on the canvas! But during the pandemic, my heart got ‘stolen’ by the more traditional painting methods…

In 2020, I discovered the joy of painting food items with acrylic paint. This led to an extensive repertoire of paintings.

In 2021, I started using oil paint and fell in love with the versatility of this medium. 

My works burst of colour and are realistic with a painterly touch to stay interesting, whether it’s still life, portrait or figure painting.

CHeckout more artworks at:

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Shivam Thakur

You will never make it if you care what others think. | Editor @magazinegogo | 21 | Engineering student | Fitness enthusiast |

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