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Communalising the pandemic or an unsettled wound

Communalising the pandemic or an unsettled wound

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He wins a lot of elections. Perhaps, he holds a habit of winning elections. But, what is the reason why he wins these many elections? The ‘Bhakts’ call it his Charisma. Haters have always failed to understand the reason for his success in the elections. They, having their own theories call it a Hindu Muslim feud, and they are being further divided by the Prime Minister, which assists him to win the elections.

On this topic, I want to share my opinion with you. I personally believe that there is no existence of a man called ‘Narendra Modi’. He is just a face for Hindus to express deep anguish and betrayal. The nation of India has some wounds in its psyche and subconsciousness. The nation holds some betrayal and agony which it could never express. The nation has received a chance to showcase and express their Agony and the name of this opportunity is Narendra Modi. The question of fact is, do the fraternity, bouquets and mutual respect for the community even exist or not? The Hindu-Muslim fraternity? Does this even exist or not? Is there any mistrust between them or is everything is stable and fine? Did Modi propagate all of this or not?


We will try to test these questions.

Did you know that Hindu-Muslim riots have taken place since 1800? The whole nation faced the riots in 1926. Did you know that Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, UP, Lahore, Kolkata faced riots and chaos at different times and duration?  Where was the Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeb (manners for promoting good) then?

Let’s look at it another way. The Freedom revolution started and Gandhiji was our leader. We, undoubtedly, respect him and love him for what he did. There was a debate between Gandhi and Ambedkar in 1932, in which Gandhi declared a fast unto death in front of Ambedkar’s house. At last, Ambedkar had to bow down and accept the terms of Gandhi, which led to a ‘Poona Pact’. Ambedkar stated something, which, I, personally believe to be of the same repute and intellect as of Galileo. He said, “Nevertheless, I am right, but it would not be justice if you will die, as the nation needs you in this freedom revolution. I take back my demand”. How beautiful was this statement?

Then arrives at the Congress Session of 1939. Subhash Chandra Bose won the session and became the party president giving defeat to Sitaramaiya. But, Gandhiji threw a lot of tantrums saying that he would leave the congress and dissented for the appointment of Subhash Chandra Bose. Subhash Chandra Bose gave the resignation letter. Gandhiji was stubborn and he went on to Hunger Strike, as a result of which, Britishers had to step back.

I have always wondered since I was a child (7th standard), that when Jinnah offered the partition, Why did Gandhi stood shut and didn’t go for Hunger Strike or Fast unto death? Who will answer this question of mine? I never received an answer to this.
Anyway, when Jinnah was stubborn and was adamant about his demand, a partition took place. During the 1947 partition, around 15-20 lacks of dead bodies were witnessed, which even Hitler didn’t give us. Approximately, around 1.5 Crs of migrants shifted from India to Pakistan and Vice Versa. Nothing compared to this incidence was as lethal and horrendous in human history. I think the problem of ‘Commando Autopsy’ can be compared to this problem and was somehow similarly horrendous and painful.

 Hundreds of women were forced to walk naked on the roads and it was called a ‘Pind Yatra’. Such a painful act. But, why did this happen? Who failed?

Just because, Muslims said that they would not be staying with us.

Are you still entertaining this nonsense? 20 lacks dead bodies started floating in your Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeb. Yet, you are not ready to face the uncomfortable truth?

The migrants who entered India after the partition, lived as destitute and indigents for around 25 years. They used to live in camps and they had no money for food. They spent those years with such sorrowful plight. Now, they are no more, they are gone, but the spine chilling stories of their plight is still alive. Remember, the stories live for thousands of years. The heroes come and go, stories remain forever. Ram, Krishna, Jesus, everyone is gone, but their stories are still alive. These stories run in the subconscious minds of the citizens of the nation. They are consumed in the collective subconsciousness.

 The hatred you witness amongst Hindus and Muslims is an abstract form of hatred. There is no shape in it. We, even don’t know why does it exist. But, it exists.

 Then arrived the Government, Freedom, and the Constitution. Following all this, absurd incidents started to grow. There grew the talks revolving around Sharia. Can you have four marriages? Yes, you may have. Whenever Shah Bano came in, the whole parliament conspired to predominate the Supreme Court. A bundle of absurd incidents started to take place in this country. So, why did they not follow the Sharia completely? If any Hindu commits a theft, he will have to go to the jail and if any Muslim commits a theft, he will have his hands mutilated, owing to the ideologies of Sharia. This ideology was inside the hearts of the citizens but was never said on any platform.

 Now, how this question was suppressed? Congress had the power in their hands and they had to escape from the blame of Partition. They started to apply their men to enter into CBSE institutions, various textbooks heads, Vice-Chancellors of Universities, etc. They were the ones who were decorated with Padma Shri awards and other awards. They were the ones who happened to be the chief guest of various functions. All the textbooks were printed according to them, where it was said that we were given freedom without using scimitars or shields (de di hume azadi bina khadag bina dhaal), and Nehru used to have a flower with him and kids used to call him Chacha Nehru. The whole press was controlled and the licenses were suspended according to them and he (Nehru) went to the parties of Roza Iftikhar. The parties in which it was propagated that there lies no mistrust between both the religions and commenced this by consuming feasts (dawats) on a daily basis. Congress became a ‘Macchli Maar party’, as they had started the fishing of Muslim Votes.

 When the movement started, all the following leaders such as Laalu, Mulayam, Mamta Banerjee came and started to understand the movement, and they began phishing as well.

 I want to give an interesting perception which I behold; The Britishers left the nation in 1947. Let’s suppose if they stayed back after the partition. Like in South Africa, when they left South Africa, they did not just leave South Africa as a whole. Many stayed there. If you look at the Cricket team of South Africa which consists of players such as Graeme Smith, Shaun Pollock, AB De Villiers, and their other heroes are white. A few players such as Rabada play, but mostly whites play for the team as English people did not leave the nation, but stayed there.

Anyway, Nelson Mandela managed the country well. Had not it been Mandela, there would have been bloodshed in Africa after Partition. He handled it smartly, which is just another story. In fact, Mandela’s story was one of the most inspiring stories of the world.

 In my analysis, If Britishers would have stayed here, there would have been a political party after 20-30 years, which would have done fishing for their votes and we would have been made to accept and understand a tampered fact that there never was any feud and problems between the Britishers and Indians. We would have been made to believe that we used to play Holi and celebrate Diwali together. Even, the extremely popular massacre of Jalianwallah Bagh (by General Dyer) would have been called a fake massacre and it is produced by the right-wingers.

Thus, just like that, Hindu-Muslim feud was going on from years, and Hindus were tired of listening to the lies and falsely made beliefs. But, they had no outlet to showcase the truth. There was no face that could empathize with them and listen to them to showcase the reality.

 I will digress from the topic and want to tell that, Hadn’t it been the modern outlook of Nehru, the country would not have reached where it stands right now. During the crisis of poverty, chaos, and riots, Nehru thought about ISRO, Atomic Power, IIT’s. These were the great moves by Nehru, which were taken forward by the coming generation. But, some mistakes were not to be ignored.

He alleviated the false beliefs to be true and denied the massive truths all the time. One such truth is of Kashmir, which he had hidden and made it a false belief in the minds of people i.e. of Article 370 and the merge by Raja Hari Singh and reiterated that we cannot do anything for the Kashmir. Some sort of agents who took over and brought the concept of Article 370, and even after the adamant denial and resistance by Ambedkar for article 370, it was implemented and forcefully imposed it on the citizens of Kashmir.

Coming back to Narendra Modi, who is not a person in existence, but just a hook which carries the burdens and frustrations of not a few years, but of 150-200 years and consequentially, the anguish and the lava of frustrations got a place to settle.

I believe we are ungrateful as a community. I’ll tell you why, Sikh gurus from Guru Arjun Dev, Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Govind Singh, Paimati Das, Rehmat to many others sacrificed their lives to help and save Hindus from the Islamic rulers and their iniquity like forced conversions, Jizya to name a few.  Some were burnt alive, grilled over an open flame, cut into parts, their children were immured and all these stories depict outright barbarism. We used to recite poems for all of the incidents “हकीकत को हकीकत को हकीकत जब बताऊंगा उन्हें लाखों को हकीकत में बनाउंगा ।“.In consequence of the brutality they suffered, Khalsa, a new warrior race from Hinduism, was born. But, post-independence, textbooks were designed by the ruling Congress and historians like Romila Thapar and Irfan Habib taught us to be secular and progressive that will make us look communal. By that time we were quite bewildered on what to do, so we started mocking Sikhs. Imagine, rather than deeply admiring a community that made so many sacrifices and was originated from Hinduism, we started making fun of it. This is from where the trouble began. We couldn’t address the cruelty that we faced by the Muslims after independence and started questioning whether we really faced the problems, were all these sacrifices are for real. We started to question whether we faced cruelty, or Modi made up these things inside our minds. This silent rage developed into cancer that has been killing the nation for thousands of years. It was seen during the partition when Pakistan and Bangladesh were divided from India but we tried to overlook the plight we faced.  There are around 50 crores of Muslims if we adjoin them from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, even more than in the Middle East, where did they come from? Why other communities like Sikh, Rajpoot, Parsi didn’t grow to such a huge number? Some claim they are converted out of their will. That is gibberish. The world has been such examples of so-called wilful conversion a lot of times from Persia that was converted into Iran, an Islamic state to Asia and Africa. As a result, twenty to thirty countries have converted to Islam. The most recent example is Kashmir from where 30-40 lakhs of Hindus were made to flee the valley. It’s a caliphate, that’s what Baghdadi does, creating an empire where only Muslims live and Non-Muslims barely exists. In 1921 in Malabar, Hindus were made to leave the place but they didn’t succeed.  At that time the constitution didn’t do anything, the intellectuals were mum and everything was made to look perfect. The countries that didn’t convert to Islam were divided like India, Sudan and in the future, Sweden will be on the list in the coming years. Either you’re too naive, or you don’t see if you don’t want to believe and try to overlook at all what’s happening. 

 Then, there was an attack on the Parliament of the nation in 2001 and in the support of Afzal Guru, many stood by his side and we didn’t say anything even then. There was a rally in 2012 in the support of Rohingyas. What is your concern with the Rohingyas? What happened at the end of the rally? The memorials and the cremations for the Soldiers of the nation were sabotaged. Such immense hatred against the nation and everybody stays shut. This was the condition of the nation. The hatred between the two religions was never actually gone and it stayed forever. It never became the past. It came in the form of Afzal Guru, Kashmir, or even a cricket match. Every day, new editions of the hatred appeared.

 Let’s do one more exercise. You drive cars, you ride motorcycles, scooters, etc. Whenever you ride, you do it with safety. But, whenever you take a stroll or drive across a Muslim Dominated area, you tend to be more careful, because you feel that you will be beaten up if you will land yourself in some trouble. The apprehension inside you is a crazy fact, which the state denies to acknowledge, the society denies to acknowledge. This apprehension is inside thousands and crores of Indians.

 One last exercise, whenever you will find a liberal, intellectual and a secular person of Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb, ask him to write on a page with you that Bhagwad Geeta, Quran, Bible, all are same. Neither one of us is small or big. Every person is a good-hearted human. Everyone is equal. Ask him to get the piece of paper approved by the signatures of a few Muslims. The liberal/secular will never come back to you. He will not get the signatures of any Muslim. All of this drama and action is for us. As I said, this anger and fury is a thousand years old anguish which never received the vent to let itself out. These riots, chaos, discrimination, is an EMI of unsettled anguish.

 Coming back to the point, Modi possesses no existence. Modi is an opportunity and a guarantee of the fact that If Shah Baano comes again claiming her rights and complaining about the discrimination she faced, the parliament will not stay powerless. Modi is not a person, but an emotional Ointment which the country needed a hundred years back. If you think, how one man can do all of this? 

कैसे आकाश में सूराख नहीं हो सकता एक पत्थर तो तबीयत से उछालो यारो




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