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Club Transfers and its Global Impact

Club Transfers and its Global Impact

In recent years the football fans have seen some of the most legendary club transfers, and many speculations about footballers leaving the current club and joining another but has anyone ever thought how it can shift fans from following one club to another as well.

The clubs investing highly in a single player to meet the objectives of winning trophies is how a normal fan sees it but the investment made by the clubs starts giving fruits instantly by the sales of their merchandise and other club products.

The club policy in transfers also include signing of players from places where they have no prominent fan following, the recent Andres Iniesta transfer to Kobe not only improved Barcelona’s reputation in the country but it also opened an official store there whereas the fans who followed Iniesta started watching Japanese league as well, a win-win situation for all.

The most shocking transfer of the decade was that of Ronaldo when the Seria A team Juventus agreed to sign him from Real Madrid for a transfer fee of €117 million, a transfer that saw a lot of changes in various aspects. The jersey sold with Ronaldo’s name at the back was a staggering $60 million in mere 24 hours of his signing.

The social media accounts of Juventus rose with an astonishing 2.2 million followers in just 24 hours, Juventus currently has 32.5 million followers on Instagram as compared to pre-Ronaldo transfer it had 9.8 million followers. The growth of Juventus in terms of Italian coverage has reached its limit and having a global influence is the new big thing.

It attracts a higher ticket price, a boost in sales of merchandise along with a revised Tv right. The signing of Ronaldo saw the media houses signing new deals with Juventus and Serie A to telecast the games in their countries. In January 2019, the Bianconeri signed a new, improved, seven-year sponsorship deal with their kit manufacture, Adidas, worth €357m (£308m/$395m) – double the value of the previous agreement.

Then in November 2019, it was announced that the club had extended its partnership with shirt sponsors JEEP. The new deal is worth €42m (£36.2m/$46.4m); the old one had been worth ‘only’ €17m (£14.6m/$18.8m).

Just like the companies invest in the market by making a proper study of the market today transfer market have started doing the same, the club tries to earn profits in its investment thereby signing of players by big clubs are often big names. It is done to maintain its reputation in the global market of football.

Leagues like La Liga and Premier League have a global following and Seria A is the latest to enter into the global market of football, but the global market is highly results-driven. Juventus has won consecutive 8 Serie A titles but has failed to replicate the same in the Champions League thereby making it a less desired destination for players who seek success along with the big-dollar deals.

The signing of Ronaldo was just the starting of the announcement of its arrival in the market of global football, with a €500 million projects in future Juventus is set to make a mark in global following in football.





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