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Bijli Mahadev – @thenancythakur

Bijli Mahadev – @thenancythakur

Bijleshwar Mahadev generally known as Bijli Mahadev. It is situated in Mathan Hills of Kullu Valley. It is at an elevation of 2,460 meters above ocean level. Bijli Mahadev Temple is one of the sacrosanct temples of Himachal Pradesh that has a “Shiva-Linga”.

This valley is arranged in a glade with lavish green timberlands in the environment, 15 km from Kullu City over the Beas River. This spot got its name after the incredible supernatural occurrence that happens infrequently. It is said that the 60 feet high staff of the temple draws in the heavenly favors through lightning.

It is believed that the “Shiva-Linga” in the temple is struck by lightning into the pieces with a blaze of lightning. Then the priest of the temple gathers all the pieces. Later, he combines them with the assistance of margarine and sattoo ( a grain blend) going about as a cement after each lightning scene as it breaks to pieces each time.

As indicated by local people, the Temple is a safeguard of the valley. Master Shiva ingests the vitality released from the air and spares them. During ‘Shivaratri’ extraordinary surge of lovers assemble here to give proper respect to Lord Shiva. It tends to be drawn closer by a remunerating trek of 3 km.

Bijli Mahadev Temple is one of the phenomenal sanctuaries in India. It is a ‘Kash’ style sanctuary and worked of wood and stone, a type of commonplace slope design with slanting rooftops made of wooden boards. Inside the sanctum is a 1.5-feet tall Shiva Linga.

The site of the most striking Temple Bijli Mahadev is stunning far away from the infuriating group.  One can sit in contemplation stance to overlook all concerns of life. Bijli Mahadev sanctuary is effectively open by the street from Kullu city.

Like most trekking courses in the northern piece of the nation, the Bijli Mahadev Trek stays shut in the winter months. Because of extraordinary climate conditions and gigantic snowfall, the street stays unfit for the following. Likewise, the territory is inclined to vicious rainstorms. Hence the best time to visit the spot is throughout the mid-year months.

The trek is steep rising of more than 2,500 feet through lovely with wildernesses and apple plantations. Also, you can see little towns in transit. When you arrive at the main, one can see the start of meadows and catch a brief look at the sanctuary. After another move of 250 feet one enters the glades of Bijli Mahadev Temple.

The sites on Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal Ranges of omnipotent Himalayas likewise look amazing from here. This is a 3 km long very much characterized trail kept up by the Forest Department till Bijli Mahadev sanctuary. From the top of the slope, you get the chance to see an all-encompassing perspective on Kullu and Parvati Valley. At the point when you pivot, there are presently higher tops to hinder your view in the closeness.

The temple is one of the most sacrosanct in the whole valley. According to a prevalent view, each year the helping (Bijli) strikes the pole close to the temple. It breaks the lingam into pieces. (which symbolizes that Lord Shiva ingests all the sufferings/perils falling onto the world upon him)

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