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In Ted William’s voice, “ March 8th, dedicated to celebrate the precious women around the globe. To the ladies with robust and fierce spirit, your contribution to every sphere of work is massive. You deserve every happiness in the world. It fills my chest with joy and proud to observe in this modern era that the women around isn’t only limited to the chores of household. They are demanded and needed in every field and aspect. You are amazing, we love you, being a women is absolute in itself. Keep grinding, keep shining.”

For many years the hardships and difficulties we went through is unexplainable. It’s traumatizing and treacherous. How different is it being a woman in 2021 or how easier has it become?

Being a women, writing this takes me back to the memory lane of being in middle school. Bullying was sure not talked about enough back then. We’re talking about more than 10 years ago.

Being called ugly, or a nerd never sounds pleasing to anyone. Women around the world had always been obliged to look pretty. The peer pressure comes with anxieties, depression, your self esteem is shot to the ground. This is just a small room in a mansion of problems we deal with on a daily. Insecurities kick in, confidence leaves your body like a soul leaves the dead.

Treating yourself right isn’t always easy for everyone. It takes a lot of self introspection, and gatherings of the hurting and pleasing experiences. Your absolute performance in the worst case scenario you’ve ever been through is growth. “Value yourself” isn’t just some lines written to sit in the pages. Respecting yourself, keeping yourself at the superlative place you deserve, improving yourself everyday are all the forms of treating yourself right.

We meet all sorts of people in our life. Life’s big after all. Not everyone is going to serve you right, not everyone’s going to be honest, not everyone is going to revert back your kindness. Illiberal and self righteous people are everywhere. It’s necessary to maintain composure, learn and let go. Penning the lessons i learnt from the mistakes at the moment makes me feel accomplished in a way. Thinking about yourself, caring about yourself, prioritizing yourself is a must. You’re not self centered for doing so, this is a necessity. Self introspection and reflecting upon where do you lack so you can climb higher following your betterment.

To all the beautiful ladies everywhere,

Respect yourself, you are strong, there’s nothing you can’t do. Attack back. Fight back. Don’t take the insults. Have an opinion, stick to it. Stand for yourself and the other fellow women around. Just don’t stop.

Shout out to miss Kamala Harris the vice president of the united nations, Aishwarya Sridhar, the photographer of the year, Naomi Osaka , the world champion tennis player, Shemara Wikramanayake, the highest paid female CEO we dominate everywhere, the list is infinite.

Happy women’s day.

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