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“Ayadi strives to change the world, one stitch at a time.”

The journey began with a mission to preserve the Palestinian heritage and inherit it to the next generation, telling stories about the Palestinian motifs in trendy and stylish pieces through empowering Palestinian ladies to have the financial independence to support their families.

Being in a society where men are being targeted to be murdered or be in prison for crimes they never committed, become injured with a disability by the occupation of the military, women being alone, have to find themselves a source of income. The majority of the artisans have excellent handmade skills and this is being affected due to the industrialization of this sector “handmade cross-stitch” art and replacing it with machine-made cross-stitching pieces.

“Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth.”

And then, the mission evolved as they analysed how negative the fashion industry is impacting the environment and they even started exploring recyclable and sustainable options to source various types of raw material and the way they produce their fashion items. 

“Consume less, share better.”

Ayadi is a social enterprise aimed at enhancing the lives of Palestinian women in Palestine from the West Bank and Gaza through the traditional art of embroidery called “tatreez”.  Established in 2018, created by Widad Abdalhadi and her sister Noura Abdalhadi in Ramallah, Palestine.

 “Ethical is the new normal.”

The name is inspired by the Arabic word Ayadi which means hands in English, and the tagline is when writings talk. The brand’s mission is to talk about the language of love, passion and devotion to the conscious citizens towards the Palestinian community and the planet.  

“The first step towards slow fashion is, asking why before you buy.”

Ayadi artisans are based in the West Bank in Ramallah and Gaza in the Gaza strip; the business model works by assigning designs to the working supervisor to share the sample design and source the work to the artisans; the work goes through multiple stages and phases to ensure the final product is ready and up to the highest quality and standards that they want for Ayadi as a brand. 

They’ve been lucky to also work with Palestinian artisans in some of the refugee camps in Jordan and work with deaf ladies where they collaborated with the Jordan club for deaf women to produce cross-stitched handmade necklace collection two summers ago. 

“Sustainable fashion is not a trend, but the future.”

So far, Ayadi has impacted more than 175 Palestinian ladies and produced more than eight collections, three of them with recyclable raw material.

Ayadi is all about conscious, sustainable and compassionate living. It’s a space where, whenever you purchase an item positively impacts the life of an artisan who created it and the fashion industry as a whole. 

“ ‘No’ to fast fashion, ‘Yes’ to conscious style.”

Aside from creating livelihood projects by talented artisans, the brand also strives for a more sustainable fashion movement. The concept of upcycling accessories and clothing items with stitching, giving products a unique touch with hand-made elements.

From creating unique designs to embellishing with Palestinian motives, Ayadi gives traditional art a contemporary life in the modern world. Celebrating compassion, culture, and heritage.

Unfortunately, recent conflicts affect the supply chain for all business owners including them, but it also affects the mental health of the artisans that work for them! It takes time for artisans to comprehend the fear, worry, and anger when they feel helpless to protect their families and the people they care about. 

Also shedding light on the challenges they face due to closure of the borders that delay shipments and cause a shortage in the raw material, especially for the products that entirely produce in Gaza.

Sharing the stories of the artisans that work for the brand, they want to speak up and be their voice especially for the people who can’t speak for themselves! The power of social media is so influential! They could also ask people to support the artisans who produce handmade Palestinian cross-stitched pieces with lots of love and passion!

“Please help us make a change and impact more lives positively! Join us to Celebrate compassion, culture and heritage, where we change the world, one stitch at a time.”

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