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Alsace – @artbyvrinda

Alsace – @artbyvrinda

To introduce myself I’m Vrinda Dugar, a freelance ( and self-taught ) artist, textile designer, and founder of the home decor label Wabi-Sabi based in Jaipur.  Though I hold a Masters degree in English Literature, I have been inclined to the arts for as long as I can remember. I started selling my artwork soon after I completed Class 12. All through pursuing my undergrad and post-grad degree in English Literature, I worked on the side. My work started going to countries like The United States and England apart from being a part of personal collections in India. I also got the opportunity to paint for The Westin Resort and Spa, Pushkar for their sprawling new property. I’ve also exhibited in Jaipur and Mumbai.

My work got noticed by Ratan Jaipur, a very popular design and export house in my city and they asked me to start designing for their range of apparel, kidswear, and home furnishings on a freelance basis. They liked my artworks so much that my lack of knowledge about the nitty gritties of designing did not act as an impediment !!! In fact, they taught me everything from scratch. Today, I freelance for a number of brands and export houses, both in India and abroad (Ratan, Silkasia, Ocean Collection, Poornima Handicrafts, Pasha, Pinkley Mumbai, The Square Inch Chennai, Radhika Pitti Studio Hyderabad, Vishal Prints Surat, and My Indian Trunk Denmark to name a few ).  Not only that, but I have also launched my own label, Wabi-Sabi wherein I combine handpainted artworks and soulful poetry to handcraft beautiful home stories.

Q. What Does Your Artwork Represent ?

I try to capture the beauty of things around me in my work – the beauty in imperfections that most folks overlook. A lot of people, when they see my work,  call them ” happiness paintings” as they feel my art sends out a positive and happy vibe! Similarly, the designs I handprint ( for other brands/export houses and for my own home decor label, Wabi-Sabi) are made keeping a happy and bright palette in mind. For me, art is a medium to spread happiness one artwork at a time.

Q. What inspires you?

My travels serve as a source of inspiration. Also flowers. They just make me want to grab my color box and start painting or designing something new. 

Q. What Does Your Art Mean to You?

Art and design both , to me are an extension of my personality. A very powerful and creative tool to express myself and what I feel. Whether I’m happy or sad , elated or under the weather , art has for a long while now served as a purposeful outlet ( art and watching FRIENDS on the loop and reading.

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