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Our vision is to enable millions of people around the world to unlock the power of the Internet and share their talent with the world. GOGO Magazine provides a large variety of content for readers and it provides a writing platform for enthusiast writers to share their articles. GOGO Magazine was found in March 2020. It is a free online magazine that has already featured 1000+ Artists, Travellers, and Writers across the globe. GOGO Magazine provides a platform for both buddings as well as established lads to showcase their talents. We have more than 66,000 visitors from 100+ countries across the planet. Ensuring everyone gets a platform to reveal their hidden talents, we want you to learn, create, and grow.

We want you to be a part of this exciting journey. Contact us and get yourself featured.

Our Story

Over the Years

31 March 2020


The magazine was born

5 April 2020

First Edition

The First Edition was published

17 April 2020

First Talk Show

Our first ever Talk Show ‘Rolling With’ begins

11 May 2020

Completed Volume 1

Our Volume 1 was completed with a total reach of 10,000 + readers

31 January 2021


Reached 100K views in 10 months

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