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Eating has always helped to tackle your emotions and there are many people who love varieties and loves experimenting and exploring even when its food. So, here I am to help all those foodies who want to have a taste of great food in Dehradun. Dehradun itself is a beautiful place and with exploring its mountains and the city all together you can also try some great food in these amazing restaurants and thank me later I guess!!

1. Singh Soup Bar

Dehradun aakar Momos nai khaye toh fir kya khaye? And Singh soup bar’s momos and soup are a must try.  It is a fast food restaurant that also offers you other fast food options too. And trust me they have an amazing menu for you to try. Evenings in Singh soup bar are great with beautiful ambience and open surrounding. It is situated in  Hathibarkala, Rajpur road in Dehradun. If you anytime planning to visit Dehradun do visit this restaurant and try their Momos and soup.

2. Doon Darbar

This place is special for the non- vegetarians if you want to try some amazing changezi go and visit Old Doon Darbar to fill your stomach with some mouth-watering non- veg dishes. You need to forget your diet for a day if you want to fully enjoy the various dishes in Doon Darbar. Changezi is surely a must-try in Doon Darbar. Doon Darbar is in Gandhi road near Paltan bazaar. It is an old and famous restaurant in Dehradun.

3. Black Pepper Restaurant

This place is a great option for you to enjoy food with your friends and family. They offer you great options in food and snacks starting with Indian, Chinese and other various cuisines. It has a great ambiance and they also provide you with happy hours. Do try their very tasty Chicken Biryani as you will love it if you want to land yourself in a place with great food and drinks to enjoy your evening this place is a great option. Situated in Ashley Hall, Rajpur Road.

4. Nazim

Nazim is hands down one of the best places to serve you very tasty rolls. It has been a famous kathi roll joint, its quite famous among the localities and college students. It has a variety of rolls which you can go and try. They serve you mouth-watering kathi rolls with extra cheese. If you are a non- vegetarian you should surely try their Double chicken egg roll with extra cheese. You will be so full you can skip your next meal. The rolls served in Nazim are very tasty and you will get to hear it from every person in Dehradun. It is opposite Anjali Dairy, Doon Vihar, Rajpur Road. I would suggest everyone give this place a try especially if you love cheese and rolls.. 

5. 70% Restro Cafe

Now this place is quite a recent search but is equally amazing. It is a cute small cafe with a bright ambiance that offers you some quite fancy shakes and mocktails. It has a great choice of food and is also quite friendly for diet conscious people. It offers you great food with a quite an interesting set of menu. The cafe also offers you fun card games and zenga to pass your time till the food arrives.  The best thing about the place is it serves you healthy food with amazing taste. If you want to visit a place that is quiet and has a beautiful ambiance this cafe is for you.  It also offers you combos that are great and also has great breakfast offers. It is near the Mahadev tower in Ballupur Chowk. 

6. Kalsang Ama Cafe

Kalsang is another famous restaurant in Dehradun which you should surely visit. It also has a cafe downstairs and the restaurant is upstairs. And both these places are a must-visit. Kalsang offers you the best momos in town. Kalsang is a place always full of people, it has great Chinese food and the whole restaurant gives you the Chinese vibe altogether. It serves you with Thai, Tibetan dishes too. It has dishes made of prawns, lamb and fish. It also offers you tasty vegetarian dishes you can hop on. In all this place is great to take some Chinese vibes with great Chinese food and in your way out you can also stop downstairs to have your desert from the kalsang Ama cafe that serves you some very tasty pastries especially the red velvet is a must-have. It’s in Chander lok colony in Rajpur Road.

7. Sunburn Bistro

This place is a great choice for hanging out with your friends as it provides you with great surroundings which you can enjoy while having delicious food and drinks. It has a great way of keeping its customers happy and relaxed with its weekends filled with performances by various performers every weekend. Situated near the crossroad mall it is a great place for chilling with your friends on a lazy weekend with nice music and ambiance.

These places are of course a must-visit for all, Dehradun is known to provide you with cafes with beautiful views and food,  with all these places in your list don’t forget to add a  TAPRI  when in Dehradun to try the famous maggi which is delicious and  Dehradun’s must try with a cup of tea.

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